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The BPMRI Board is currently made up of the following elected and co-opted advisory Board members:

Clinical Professor Alan James - Chair BPMRI Board

Research Interests:
Epidemiology of respiratory disease, Pulmonary physiology, Airway remodelling, Sleep disorders

Professor Alan James is a consultant respiratory physician at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and at Hollywood Private Hospital. His research involves the investigation of genetic and environmental risk factors for respiratory disease in populations including the Busselton Health Studies and the characterisation of respiratory disease in remote indigenous communities [more].

Mr Richard Marsh - Vice Chair BPMRI Board

Richard Marsh joined the BPMRI Board in 2015 as an advisory member. Richard holds a BSc and has extensive experience in corporate planning and strategic business development. In 2018 Richard was elected Vice Chair of the BPMRI and is also involved with the Institute's Revenue and Governance Committee. [more].

Dr Kevin Murray– Chair BPMRI Research and Scientific Committee

Research Interests:
Epidemiology, Biostatistics

Dr Kevin Murray is an experienced applied biostatistician working in the fields of population health, medicine and health sciences. With 20 years of statistical experience, Dr Murray has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in clinical trials and epidemiological studies. [more]

Professor Matthew Knuiman

Research Interests:
Biostatistics, Epidemiology and control of diabetes, Vascular disease, Respiratory diseases

Professor Knuiman is a biostatistician/epidemiologist whose primary training was in the field of statistics. After three years in the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University he returned to The University of Western Australia in 1988 to help establish the postgraduate program in public health. [more]

Professor John Beilby

Research Interests:
Cardiovascular genetics, Biochemistry

Adj/Professor John Beilby is a Principal Scientist in Clinical Biochemistry at PathWest and Adjunct Associate Professor with the University of Western Australia School of Surgery and Pathology.Professor Beilby established the routine molecular biology diagnostic testing laboratory at PathWest. [more]

Clinical Professor Bill Musk

Research Interests:
Epidemiology of Respiratory disease, Pulmonary physiology, Occupational lung disease

Professor Bill Musk is former Chairperson of the Busselton Population Medical Research Institute, Chairperson of WA Mesothelioma Registry, Past President of the Australian Council Smoking and Health and a Member of the Pneumoconiosis Medical Panel in WA. [more]

Clinical Professor John Walsh

Research Interests:
Thyroid disease, Paget’s disease

John Walsh is a Clinical Professor at the School of Medicine and Pharmacology, University of Western Australia and consultant endocrinologist at the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA. [more]

Professor Bu Yeap

Research Interests:
Endocrinology, Sex hormones and Ageing

Bu Yeap is a Professor in the Medical School, University of Western Australia, and a consultant endocrinologist in the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Western Australia. His research focusses on epidemiological and clinical studies of hormones and health outcomes in men and the interaction between hormones, diabetes and cardiovascular risk. [more]

Emeritus Professor Joseph Hung

Research Interests:
Cardiovascular disease

Professor Joseph Hung is Emeritus Professor of Cardiology at the University of Western Australia, and former Head of Department, Cardiovascular Medicine at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, and Deputy Head of Unit, School of Medicine & Pharmacology at SCGH. [more]

Professor Timothy Davis

Research Interests:
Diabetes and General medicine

Professor Timothy Davis is a general physician, tropical medicine specialist and diabetologist at Fremantle Hospital, and Professor of Medicine, University of Western Australia. He has had research interests in diabetes since 1978 and in tropical medicine since 1987, and is still active in both areas. [more]

Professor Eric Moses

Research Interests:
Genetic epidemiology, Statistical genetics

Eric Moses is Former Director of the Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease (GOHaD) at The University of Western Australia and in 2019 was appointed Community Professorial Cancer Research Fellow at Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of Tasmania. [more]

Professor Dominic Mallon

Research Interests:
Clinical immunology, allergy and immunopathologys

Dr Dominic Mallon graduated from UWA in 1987 and completed his internship at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. He commenced his specialist training at Royal Perth Hospital and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital before completing the specialist training in Immunology and Allergy at Westmead Hospital in 1995. [more]

Clinical Professor Siobhain Mulrennan

Research Interests:
Respiratory Diseases

Siobhain Mulrennan is Head of The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Bronchiectasis Unit at the Lung Institue of Western Australia and Respiratory Specialist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Professor Mulrennan obtained her Medical degree from Glasgow University in 1996 and has worked in hospitals in Glasgow and Newcastle and completed Respiratory Medicine Specialisation training in Yorkshire, UK. [more]

Dr Digby Cullen

Research Interests:
Gastrointestinal disease, Haematochromatosis

Dr Digby Cullen graduated from the University of Western Australia before undertaking Physician and Gastroenterology training at Royal Perth Hospital. He was previously a visiting gastroenterologist at Royal Perth Hospital and Fremantle Hospital (1995-2005). [more]

Dr Michael Hunter

Research Interests:
Respiratory disease, Cardiovascular disease, Epidemiology, Sleep Apnoea

Dr Michael Hunter was awarded a PhD with Distinction by the University of Western Australia for his studies in molecular biology and genetics conducted at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Royal Free Hospital, London. [more]

Dr Jennie Hui

Research Interests:
Immunology, Molecular genetics

Jennie is a molecular geneticist whose primary training was in the field of Immunogenetics. Since 2002, her main research focus involved the study of genetics and epidemiology of common human diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and diabetes. [more]

Dr Gemma Cadby

Research Interests:
Genetic aetiology of complex traits, mesothelioma and cardiovascular disease

Gemma is a genetic epidemiologist at the Centre for GOHaD. She completed her PhD investigating genetic variants associated with melanoma severity in 2010 from the University of Western Australia. She then spent 2 years at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. [more]

Mrs Denise Young


Mr Alan Eggleston

Business Advisor

Mr Barry Rubie

Business Development Advisor

Mr Jeremy Wade

Legal Advisor

Mr Mark Caddy

Life Member

Professor Bill Cookson

Research Interests:
Genetic aetiology of asthma and airway disease