We are seeking 2 community/consumer representatives to join the the Busselton Population Medical Research Institute (BPMRI) Community Advisory Committee in 2022.

BCAC 2021
Continuing BCAC members: Dr Gemma Cadby, Mrs Trudy Lucas, Mrs Terrie Delroy, Ms Cate Akhurst, Mr Graeme Robson (Chair), Dr Michael Hunter.

About the committee

The Busselton Population Medical Research Institute (BPMRI) Community Advisory Committee (the CAC) provides a community perspective on the research activities across the BPMRI.

The CAC provides or facilitates:

· Community and participant perspectives on research activities across the BPMRI

· Advice and support on research grant applications and plain language summaries

· Links between participants, the community and researchers at BPMRI

· Advice and expertise on participant and community issues and priorities for research

· Advocacy on behalf of participants and the community where appropriate

· Input into the development of strategies to inform the wider community about research associated with the BPMRI


Membership is open to all members of the community with an interest in the aims and activities of the BPMRI. The BPMRI is committed to supporting and enabling equal opportunities and involvement for Aboriginal people, people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people with disabilities in its membership.


Members will be appointed for a 2 year term and they may apply for re-appointment for a further 2 year term.


The CAC will meet three times a year at the Busselton Health Study Centre at 18 West Street Busselton with additional meetings as determined by the CAC. The duration of CAC meetings will be no longer than 2 hours. The sitting members will determine the CAC meeting times on a majority rules basis. CAC members will also be required to pre-read meeting documents and if necessary and/or appropriate consult with other internal and external groups. CAC members may also be consulted on an ad hoc basis between meetings if required.

Payment and Support

CAC community members will be offered an honorarium, in line with WA Health Department and Health Consumers’ Council WA guidelines, for each CAC meeting attended. This honorarium payment acknowledges any out-of-pocket expenses associated with attending the meetings.

CAC members will be able to access support and mentoring for their position on the CAC from the Consumer and Community Involvement Program. CAC members will be offered training on community involvement in research. There will not be any cost to CAC members for participating in training.

Application and appointment process

If you are interested in joining this committee an application can be made by using the following link.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview with the Chair of the BCAC committee and a BPMRI representative and appointed by consensus by the BCAC. If you have any questions about the role please contact the Busselton Health Study Centre on 9754 0548.

Applications close 01 March 2022.