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BPMRI research

Research Services – Data collections & Statistical Services

Data collection services

The Busselton Health Study Testing facility houses core infrastructure suitable for large-scale epidemiological studies or smaller focused research projects.

Our multi-skilled research staff have skills in:

  • Community promotion of your study
  • Participant recruitment, scheduling and liason
  • Questionnaire design, formatting and administration including online delivery, scannable forms, on-site electronic archiving, verification and data extraction
  • Phlebotomy (including venepuncture), specimen labeling, processing, and shipping
  • Specimen tracking and banking
  • Bioassays by PathWest laboratories in Busselton and Perth
  • Anthropometry (Height, Weight, BMI, % Body Fat, Skinfold, Waist, Hip and Neck measures)
  • Bone Densitometry & Body Composition studies (GE Lunar Prodigy)
  • Respiratory testing (Spirometry, Hypertonic Saline & Methacholine Challenges, Bronchodilator Challenges, Forced Oscillation Technique, Exhaled Nitric Oxide, DLCO, MBW, Sleep Apnoea screening)
  • Skin Prick testing (Atopy)
  • Cardiovascular testing (Blood Pressure, Carotid Ultrasound & Bruits, Ankle-Brachial Index, Pulse Wave Velocity, ECG)
  • Neurological assessments
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Physical and mobility assessments
  • Visual acuity, Retinal Photography, Tonometry, Refraction and OCT scanning assessments
  • Audiometry, Otoscopy and Tympanometry
    Other testing and services upon request

All data are collected according to strict protocols and world best practice & guidelines. We invite you to contact a BPMRI-affiliated researcher to discuss the feasability of conducting your research project using the Busselton dataset and infrastructure. A list of affiliated researchers can be found here.

Database and statistical services

The School of Population and Global Health at The University of Western Australia also provides the following services associated with the Busselton Health Study database:

  • Provision of detailed information on the contents of the database and assistance with determining the feasibility of a research; project using data from the database;
  • Assistance with the preparation of a research design, data analysis plan and proposal for access to data to be submitted to the BPMRI;
  • Extraction and provision of specified data from the database following approval from the BPMRI;
  • Advice on statistical methods relevant to the analysis of data from the database;
  •   Statistical analyses of data from the database for approved projects.

Please visit our data access page for information on application guidelines and fees or contact the Chair of the BPMRI Scientific Committee, Dr Kevin Murray.