Professor Timothy Davis

Research Interests: Diabetes and General Medicine

Professor Timothy Davis is a general physician, tropical medicine specialist and diabetologist at Fremantle Hospital, and Professor of Medicine, University of Western Australia. He has had research interests in diabetes since 1978 and in tropical medicine since 1987, and is still active in both areas. In diabetes, he is principal investigator of the Fremantle Diabetes Studies Phases I and II, a large-scale prospective study of diabetes in a community-based cohort which has also spawned the Busselton Diabetes study and the ongoing NHMRC-funded Fremantle Cognition in Diabetes Study. He is also an associate investigator on the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study. His research team is involved in a number of epidemiological and multi-centre pharmaceutical intervention studies including the Fenofibrate and Event Lowering in Diabetes Study (he is on the International Management Committee of this trial), a Phase III study of inhaled insulin (he is a member of the International AERx Advisory Board, Novo-Nordisk Pharmaceuticals) and ADVANCE. He is a member of the Australasian Advisory Committee for the international Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs (DAWN) Study. He is also a co-investigator on a Malaysian study of glycaemic control and lipid abnormalities in the children of diabetic Malay parents. He has been a councillor on, and is currently secretary of, the Australian Diabetes Society. He reviews papers for diabetes journals such as Diabetes Care, Diabetologia and Diabetic Medicine, as well as those in allied areas such as Stroke and the Medical Journal of Australia. He is a member of Australian Diabetes Society and the American Diabetes Association and has given numerous invited talks on clinical and epidemiological aspects of diabetes at local, national and international diabetes meetings.