BPMRI Committees

The ideas, input, and advice of key community, government, business and scientific people not directly involved in the Institute’s activities are obtained through advisory committees.

BPMRI Scientific Research Committee (Chair, Dr Kevin Murray)

The Scientific Research Committee includes people with special knowledge, experience and skills in population health research and training. These are generally senior university staff and senior scientists. This Committee advises the Board on matters of policy and planning in relation to its general scientific program of activities, including new research applications for data access.

The BPMRI Board has established a number of sub-committees to progress and advise on key areas.

These include:

  • BPMRI People and Infrastructure Action Committee (Chair, Dr Michael Hunter)
  • BPMRI Research Action Committee (Chair, Dr Kevin Murray)
  • BPMRI Funding, Marketing and Revenue Action Committee (Chair, Mr Richard Marsh)
  • BPMRI Commercial and Governance Action Committee (Chair, Mrs Denise Young)
  • BPMRI Community Advisory Committee (BCAC) (Serving Members in 2020-2022: Graeme Robson (Chair), Terrie Delroy, Cate Akhurst, Trudy Lucas, BPMRI Representatives:  Dr Gemma Cadby (Co-Chair), Dr Michael Hunter)