Recurring Monthly Donations – Terms and Conditions

Debiting your Account

The commencement of your automatic direct debit payment arrangement will occur on your requested commencement date . Subsequent drawings will occur on the same day each month. If the payment debit date falls on a non-banking day, we will deduct your account on the following business day.

Your obligations

It is your responsibility to ensure the following:

  • That direct debits can be accepted on your nominated account.
  • That sufficient cleared funds are available in your account to pay each debit payment as it becomes due.
  • Should there be insufficient cleared funds in your account to make a debit payment:
    • You will be responsible for any fees or interest that your financial institution may charge you;
    • You may also be responsible for any fees that the Busselton Population Medical Research Institute (Inc.) may incur;
    • You must arrange for the debit payment be paid by an appropriate alternative payment method.
  • We are kept up to date on any nominated account closure or change to your nominated account details.

Amendments by You

Should you wish to cancel or change a direct debit payment, please advise us by phone at (08) 9754 0548; or notify us in writing by email or by post at Busselton Population Medical Research Institute, PO Box 659, BUSSELTON WA 6280.

Please provide us notice of at least 14 days for any request to change or cancel your direct debit agreement.

Amendments by Us

We will provide you with at least 14 days written notice, should we make changes to the initial terms of agreement or to direct debit request arrangements.




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