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Our Story

The Busselton Population Medical Research Institute (BPMRI) is a charitable organisation conducting globally significant medical and population health research.

With research facilities in the Western Australian cities of Busselton and Perth, as well as collaborations nationally and globally, the institute conducts internationally recognised cross-sectional and longitudinal population health studies

Advancing Medical Research

BPMRI’s medical and population health research aims for a better understanding and management of disease and illness.

The institute’s research activities are diverse and encompass a wide range of health conditions and measures. Our areas of study include sleep disorders, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, genetics and others.

BPMRI manages a valuable database and BioBank (biological specimens) as a resource for medical researchers. The institute often works collaboratively with leading local, national and international researchers on medical and population health studies and projects.

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The internationally significant Busselton Health Study is managed by BPMRI. BPMRI’s Busselton Health Study incorporates an expanding series of individual population health studies utilising the Busselton population. The Busselton Health Study commenced in 1966 and is globally recognized as one of the longest running population health research programs of its kind.