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Research activities undertaken as part of the Busselton Health Studies are diverse and encompass a wide range of health conditions and measures. These have included cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal, kidney and liver diseases, cancer, obesity, sleep disorders, cognition and genetic epidemiology. Extensive information on demography, lifestyle and behaviour have also been collected at each of the studies along with blood samples for biochemical measures and genetic studies.

The studies bring together some of Australia’s leading researchers and a growing list of international colloborators who recognize the value of this unique data set. The use of standardized questionnaires and methodology, international best practice guidelines in data collection and a stable representative population ensures that the studies can provide important information about the prevalence of disease and the factors associated with them. Below are some of the ongoing and recently completed data collection projects conducted in Busselton. A summary of previous Busselton surveys can be found here.

Current Studies & Projects

2020 - 2023: The Busselton Respiratory Study (BRS): Phenotypes of airway disease in the general population

This project will define the abnormalities in the lung and relate them to symptoms in a general population, without using diagnostic labels, to establish descriptors of airway diseases that better relate to treatments and prognosis. There is increasing confusion about labelling and treating airway diseases because “asthma” and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“COPD”) mean different things to different people and they overlap with regard to symptoms and abnormalities in the lung. The study protocol includes a comprehensive range of lung  function and symptom measures and aims to recruit over 3000 adults from the Busselton community.

2016 -2021: The Busselton Baby Boomer Study (BBBS) – Phase 2 – Six year follow up (underway)

2010 – 2015: The Busselton Healthy Ageing Study (BHAS) – Phase 1 (completed)

A large multidisciplinary project investigating the causes of and risk factors for a wide range of conditions of public health importance in an ageing population commenced in 2010. The Busselton Healthy Aging Study (BHAS) collected measures on vision and hearing disorders, respiratory and cardiovascular disease, muscle strength and physical function, obesity, diabetes, sleep disorders, bone health, spinal pain, and mental health and cognition from over 5100 adults born between 1946 and 1964. Retesting of this cohort commenced in March 2016 using an expanded study protocol and will provide important information about the risk factors underlying disease and debilitation common to ageing.

Read the background to this important study including the wide range of measures being collected here


Previous Busselton surveys

For information on previous Busselton surveys, please click here.